Shinjuku Thai Pub BUTSARAKHUM


Set (hourly charge) Fist hour ¥5,000
  2 Hours ¥8,000
Following hours per hour ¥3000
Douhan (Pre-company)   ¥3,000
Shimei (Call)   ¥2,000
Lady's Drink 1 Drink ¥1,200
*Douhan (Pre-company) system:
   You can meet the companion girl in the different place before entering hall.
   But you should pay the service charge for it.
*Shimei (Call) system:
   You can call and swap another companion girl from all girls the hall.
   But you need to pay the call charge for it.
*A drink fee will be charged separately.
Brandy, whiskey, champagne, wine, shochu and many others are available.
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